Research & Development

MedRec is keenly aware that once in a while, the difference between delivering mediocre data and excellent data on any particular research protocol is a helping hand from an individual or organization that not only has the same goals and objectives, but also the resources and experience to lend a relevant helping hand. Please explore our capabilities and prior experiences and let us know if you feel that we might be that partner for you on your current and/or future projects.

Design and Engineering
If it’s on a paper-napkin or just even in your head, MedRec can help get it to market. With access to engineering, testing, and research facilities, MedRec can provide you with a 360-degree scope of professionals to bring your idea to life.

Testing Sites
New products, services, and/or processes often require a proof-of-concept phase where the idea is tested in a live setting. MedRec can help you find a medical setting in which to test your idea.