For Physicians

As the squeeze on physician’s reimbursements becomes tighter and costs continue to rise, adding ancillary services for some becomes inevitable. However, the process of doing so comes not without risk. In some cases it can even further drive down the already declining practice income, if the wrong decisions are made.

But what if a practice could simply “turn on” a brand new service, and do so without the risk, without the uncertainty, and without the upfront cost that always comes when pursuing a new venture. And what if that service could function without the additional administrative and overhead costs to the practice.

MedRec360 is uniquely positioned to offer individual physicians and small group practices such a service that will not only boost income but also increase the level of patient care and satisfaction without taking away from a current practice.

Physicians who are interested in learning more about the MedRec360 Network and establishing supplemental revenue streams for just themselves, please complete the form below: